Grey and Black Greek Key 80cm Washable Non-Slip Hall Runners

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These stair runners have a hard wearing yet soft to touch 100% polypropylene 5mm thick loop pile and a strong non slip latex backing meaning they will not slip on tiles, lino, laminate or wooden flooring. They can be machine washed at 30 degrees and are ideal for stairs or indeed any other high traffic area of the home. These runners are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch postage free to the UK.

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2ft 7” x 1ft (80cm x 30.5cm), 2ft 7” x 2ft (80cm x 61cm), 2ft 7” x 3ft (80cm x 91cm), 2ft 7” x 4ft (80cm x 122cm), 2ft 7” x 5ft (80cm x 152cm), 2ft 7” x 6ft (80cm x 183cm), 2ft 7” x 7ft (80cm x 213cm), 2ft 7” x 8ft (80cm x 244cm), 2ft 7” x 9ft (80cm x 274cm), 2ft 7” x 10ft (80cm x 305cm), 2ft 7” x 11ft (80cm x 335cm), 2ft 7” x 12ft (80cm x 366cm), 2ft 7” x 13ft (80cm x 396cm), 2ft 7” x 14ft (80cm x 427cm), 2ft 7” x 15ft (80cm x 457cm), 2ft 7” x 16ft (80cm x 487cm), 2ft 7” x 17ft (80cm x 518cm), 2ft 7” x 18ft (80cm x 548cm), 2ft 7” x 19ft (80cm x 579cm), 2ft 7” x 20ft (80cm x 609cm), 2ft 7" x 21ft (80cm x 640cm), 2ft 7" x 22ft (80cm x 670cm), 2ft 7" x 23ft (80cm x 701cm), 2ft 7" x 24ft (80cm x 731cm), 2ft 7" x 25ft (80cm x 762cm), 2ft 7" x 26ft (80cm x 792cm), 2ft 7" x 27ft (80cm x 823cm), 2ft 7" x 28ft (80cm x 853cm), 2ft 7" x 29ft (80cm x 884cm), 2ft 7" x 30ft (80cm x 914cm)


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