Impulse Taupe Beige Wave Rug

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This Taupe Beige Wave Impulse Rug is a high quality heat set rug which has been manufactured in Turkey on state of the art wilton looms and is produced exclusively for Rugs Megamarket. It has a 10mm deep soft dense pile made from 100% heat set polypropylene which is extremely easy to hoover. The edges are turned and glued so as to stop the rug from curling. With its stain resistant and non-shedding pile this rug will certainly add that touch of luxury to any room in the home. Whilst this rug will not cost a fortune it has the look and finish of more expensive woven wilton rugs.

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80cm x 150cm, 120cm x 170cm, 160cm x 220cm, 200cm x 300cm, 67cm x 240cm, 67cm x 120cm


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