Luna 005 Silver Grey Stripes

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This Belgium made carpet runner has a hard wearing yet soft to touch 100% polypropylene pile. It has the added advantage of being non static and anti-allergic. It is also moth and stain resistant. There will be no shedding of the pile and the edges are 4 sides whipped to give it that perfect finish.

Pile height: 8mm


The runners are sold per running foot and are cut from a roll and we so can provide any length required, simply select the size you require from the drop down box called ‘Size’.

If the size you require is not listed simply contact us and we will advise if your required size is available.

1. Runners cannot be returned as they have been altered for sale
2. We can cut runners to any length required – contact us for further information
3. To convert cm to feet: multiply your figure in centimetres by 0.0328 (e.g. 230cm converted to feet is 230 x 0.0328 = 7.544m or 7ft 7″)

Additional information


2ft 3" x 1ft (70cm x 30.5cm), 2ft 3" x 2ft (70cm x 61cm), 2ft 3" x 3ft (70cm x 91cm), 2ft 3" x 4ft (70cm x 122cm), 2ft 3" x 5ft (70cm x 152cm), 2ft 3" x 6ft (70cm x 183cm), 2ft 3" x 7ft (70cm x 213cm), 2ft 3" x 8ft (70cm x 244cm), 2ft 3" x 9ft (70cm x 274cm), 2ft 3" x 10ft (70cm x 305cm), 2ft 3" x 12ft (70cm x 366cm), 2ft 3" x 13ft (70cm x 396cm), 2ft 3" x 14ft (70cm x 427cm), 2ft 3" x 15ft (70cm x 457cm), 2ft 3" x 16ft (70cm x 487cm), 2ft 3" x 17ft (70cm x 518cm), 2ft 3" x 18ft (70cm x 548cm), 2ft 3" x 19ft (70cm x 579cm), 2ft 3" x 20ft (70cm x 609cm), 2ft 3" x 22ft (70cm x 670cm), 2ft 3" x 23ft (70cm x 701cm), 2ft 3" x 24ft (70cm x 731cm), 2ft 3" x 25ft (70cm x 762cm), 2ft 3" x 11ft (70cm x 335cm), 2ft 3" x 21ft (70cm x 640cm)


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